Califlips, is a real estate development company that’s focus is on high quality projects primarily in Southern California.

Our focus is to buy, rehab and sell in a timely manner. With our strong reputation and connections to off market real estate projects investing with Califlips is a wise decision.

Our Competitive Advantage:

Califlips (Developer) has strong deep relationships with over 100 real estate agents. Our strategic alignment and historic track record is paramount to our success Regardless of the market, our focus is finding intrinsic value, and maximizing profitability for our investors. The Califlips team does not outsource any component of our process. Our goal is to maximize profits. Califlips has an inhouse General Contractor, project manager, CPA, and many necessary trades to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Investment Property Types:
  • Fix & Flip-
  • New Construction-
  • Complete Remodel-
Project Timelines:
  • Fix & Flip 3-10 Weeks to completion
  • Complete Remodel- 3-6 Months to completion
  • New Construction- 12-18 Months to completion
Complete Transparency-

Califlips provides complete transparency into the process from time to purchase to sale and close of escrow. Investors have access to our on online platform where you will be able to see not only the stage of the project but pictures and budgets, updated weekly.

Investment Returns -

Our investment criteria aims for a 25% annualized return.

Investment Structure:

Califlips as “General Partner” will take on “Limited Partners” as investors. The role of the Limited Partner is simply to invest and the role of the General Partner on a high level is to source high quality real estate projects and purchase at a significant discount, manage the day-to-day operations of the project and get it sold in a timely manner.

A Strong Job Market-

With 54 of the Fortune 500 companies headquartered in California, like Google, Apple, Disney, Oracle and Intel among others, California is positioned for continued job growth. High employment rates draw renters and buyers and, for investors, enhance the likelihood of consistent cash flow.

Low Property Taxes-

Though not the lowest in the country, California has favorable property tax rates, which will help control investors’ expenses and improve cash flow.

High Rental Demand-

With renters flocking to the golden state for jobs, great weather, fantastic entertainment, and myriad outdoor activities, demand outpaces availability and growth in many California markets. This demand leads to consistent increases in rental rates for owners of income properties.

Increasing Home Values-

The combination of job growth and a world-renowned lifestyle and culture supports home values. People buy where they want to live, and millions of people want to live in California. All of the demand mentioned above also leads to increasing home values.